Live Like Betty

  • Remembering Betty White on her 100th birthday

    Betty White

    “Imagine living to 100 years old, and the entire world thinks you’re gone too soon”.⁠

    My grandma Opp’s laugh. That is the sound that always comes to mind when I think of Betty White and the Golden Girls. My first introduction to them both was as my grandma laughed out loud watching the show as little girl me played on the floor beside her. I am incredibly grateful for being able to conjure up the memory of that sound at any time.❤️⁠

    There’s been an incredible outpouring of love for Betty since her passing, but the one by Ted Danson really stuck out to me. He worked alongside Betty to support ocean conservation and noted that he even takes lessons from the star on “how to live.” He said: “It’s not like she’s just a bubbly, joyful person. She wakes up every day and chooses to be that way. I think she leads a very purposeful life.”⁠

    We each have the power, every single day, to decide how we want to approach life. We decide what attitude and mood we want to bring towards ourselves and others. Be intentional with this decision.⁠

    A few additional powerful, yet simple life lessons behind:⁠

    Cheers to you, Betty.🥂 Thank you for being such an incredible friend to the world!⁠
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    “Betty White radiated joy and gratitude and was enthusiastically a lover of animals, laughter, life, and people. In that order.” ~Mary Steenburgen⁠