Are you ready to unleash your core confidence?

Learn the skills, strategies & tools you need to step confidently into the woman you are meant to be!

You KNOW you want to be more bold in life & feel more confident, but you're unsure that you can or where to start.

Consider this: how we feel about ourselves impacts every area of our lives.

It affects our relationships, our job performance, our mood, the way we parent, the way we react to situations, our decision making ability…the list goes on.

Here are some examples of how low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence show up in daily life:

  • * Worrying about what other people will think
  • * Procrastinating and struggling with decision making
  • * Not pursuing things you really want
  • * Striving for perfection (this is different than striving for excellence)
  • * Being overly critical towards yourself
  • * Constantly comparing self to others
  • * Always putting other people’s needs ahead of your own
  • *Not speaking up/voicing what you really want or think 
  • * Feeling that compliments are people just being nice, they don’t really mean it
  • * Moodiness
  • * People pleasing
  • * See-sawing between feelings of I should be happy/satisfied with what I have. Who am I to have/want/do more? and feeling life is passing by quickly, and I haven’t done all that I’ve wanted to
  • * Wasted time & energy (because ALL of the above equals wasted time & energy!)

Bottom line,  lack of self-confidence is holding you back from really stepping out of your comfort zone and stepping into who you want to be in all areas of my life (work, relationships, health, love, life, etc).

Can you imagine how freeing it would feel to leave behind the confinement and heaviness of who you've been "told" to be and step into your true, confident self?

After working together, you can expect to:

You will become more confident being YOU!

I've Created the

"Unleash Your Core Confidence"
Group Coaching Program to bring you transformation and lasting confidence you didn't know you had.

The course content is based on my education and training in sociology and psychology, verified coaching skills & tools, as well as my varied business & personal life experiences. 

Angela is an amazing coach! I spent over 5 decades feeling like I wasn’t enough. Specifically, that I wasn’t smart. Angela helped me pinpoint exactly where this belief stemmed from (I was 9 years old!!), and help me realize that it wasn’t true at all. Yet I lived my whole life, and made decisions as though it were true. I now feel more free, more confident and more like ME than I ever have.

– Jamie

What makes "Unleash Your Core Confidence" different?

Not only will I teach you skills and tools to reprogram your self-esteem & self-acceptance to build lasting confidence, I will explain the neuroscience (how the brain works) and psychology principles behind why you feel and behave the way you do. I have also done all of this work on myself, so I know it’s possible and it’s why I’m so passionate about helping others do the same. I don’t want even one woman to feel as badly towards themself as I did.

Spoiler alert: you are not alone!

The basis of our self-confidence is established in childhood. Something that happened or was told to us early in life. We take on these “core beliefs” usually without question. Unfortunately, many times, these beliefs are not true and are simply the opinions of others.

We must go back and reprogram those beliefs in our memory, and “heal the core wound”, otherwise we’ll just continue to carry them forward.

In short, they keep us from being the best versions of ourselves.

Confidence is a skill that you can learn. It’s like a muscle – the more you exercise it, the easier it becomes.
We are the ones who hold the keys to unlocking our own self-confidence. 

During our 6 weeks together you will:

Understand where your core beliefs derived from, then work through them and reprogram them, your self-confidence will not improve at the core level. Often times you get a boost of confidence from external sources—friends, colleagues, situations, but those tend to be temporary boosts.

Angela Irwin

To truly transform, you have to go deeper. I’ll be honest, it takes consistent effort to undo decades of beliefs and behaviors. But the first step is simply being willing to try.  We’re striving for progress, not perfection.

What Unleash Your Core Confidence Includes

Welcome Packet

Lets me get to know about you, your specific goals and challenges

Weekly Training

10-15 minutes long audio recording and worksheet/homework, delivered via email for you to do at your pace.

Weekly Calls

Weekly hour-long live group call on Zoom for Q&A, live coaching, and further discussion of the materials.

Private Facebook Group

Access to a private Facebook group for support & sharing

Access to RePlay

All calls will be recorded and a replay provided if you are not able to make it live.

Timezone friendly

This program is compatible with any time zone/location in the world.

I know the words “group course” may bring up an element of fear. I can totally relate. The first group coaching I participated in, I felt so “less than” that I didn’t speak a word for weeks. I was afraid people would judge me or I would say something stupid (I’m so grateful that I’ve built my confidence muscle since then!).

What I learned is that group courses are a source of incredible support. I have made many amazing & lasting friendships from group programs. The experience really opened my eyes to the fact that what I was experiencing was actually quite common. There’s nothing more empowering than a community of like-minded women on a quest.

Have accountability and sharing your goals with others are two of the best ways to stop procrastination and take inspired action. A shared experience benefits everyone.

If even a small part of you feels this program is speaking to you, enroll now!

The investment

6-week group program $1970
or 3 Payments of $750

I use the term “investment” intentionally, because that’s what this group program is—an investment in yourself. You have the ability, right now, to make a transformation in your life that will impact all areas of it.

Unleash Your Core Confidence is packed with high-value content as well as the opportunity to be coached by me, one-on-one, during our group calls. You will have homework and be taking action each week, which will provide great momentum to you achieving your goals.

I know the past 18 months have been an unprecedented. However, I’m a believer that in times of struggle, there are lessons to be learned and opportunities for growth.

This is YOUR time! Do not wait to take advantage of this special offer to step into your best, confident self. Enrollment closes November 5th at midnight EST.

I intentionally keep the group small, so spaces are limited. ENROLL NOW (even if your knees are knocking)

I will teach you tools that you can immediately apply in your daily life to start the transformation and build lasting confidence.

The Promise

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee any results—it is entirely up to you. You have to be willing to put in the work, and it’s not easy, but it’s SOO worth it!

I liken life coaching to losing weight. If you show up once or twice, you will not experience noticeable results. You must be committed to showing up on a consistent basis.

If you do the work, you WILL experience a transformation.

Hi, I'm Angela

Angela Irwin

I completely understand that change can be scary and difficult, but I believe it’s worth it. After all, we only get one chance at life. There are no “do-overs” or chances to go back, but you do have a chance (right now!) to create your next chapter.

I know this because I have done it myself. And my goal is to help others do the same.

To be honest, I didn’t really realize that I could change how I felt about myself—my self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence. It wasn’t until I had a total crisis of confidence after doing a complete career change at 40, that I learned that we can absolutely not only change our self-image, confidence is like a muscle that can be built, if you know how.
Turns out, the beliefs (negative) that I had about myself weren’t even true. Yet, they were running the show.

As a Confidence Coach, my role is to help you achieve your goals and/or make changes in your life. I come alongside you and offer an objective, non-judgmental perspective to move you forward to a point of clarity and confidence. I provide guidance, support, accountability, structure, goals, tools, and a plan to achieve your best life.

I’ve helped other women do this (myself included!), and I can do the same for you.

Lacking self-confidence, I was unsure anything could change for me. Angela showed me that wasn’t true. It was eye-opening to understand that how I felt about myself could be changed, but even more so, discovering why I felt that way I did, explained so much. I wish I had known all of this much sooner. It’s changed my whole life!

– Valerie in CO

There's no better time to step fully into
who you're meant to be!

Enroll in Unleash Your Core Confidence Group Coaching Program and Get Started Now!


Bottom line, if your self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence are not where you’d like them to be, this is the program for you!

Why Now Is the Time

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. You are older than you've ever been before and younger than you'll ever be again.

I’ve long been a promoter of the idea that life is short and we only have one go-around. We have to make it count!

I suppose I am so passionate about these ideals due to the fact I lost my hearing over the course of 15 years, starting at the age of 7. Not knowing what future, if any, lay ahead of me, I took the “seize the day” approach. When I received a cochlear implant, at age 22, I got a second chance at a normal life in the hearing world, and these ideals stayed with me.

The lessons of 2020 have shown us that life can change drastically, in a short time, and tomorrow is not promised. TODAY is the day to make a change.

Would you rather look back and regret the things you tried or the things you didn’t try?

Here’s a few things that I know for sure:

I can show you how to move forward. I’ve done it myself and helped many others do the same.

Group coaching faq's

A: Absolutely, 100%! IF you’re committed to putting in the time. I vividly remember a discussion with a client a few years ago (she wasn’t a client yet). We were having a call to discuss where she was in her life, where she wanted to be, and if I was the right coach to help her achieve it. She had been very animated and excited throughout the call, then towards the end she went quiet. I could tell there was something weighing on her mind, so I gently asked her what it was. After a few moments of silence, she tearfully asked “but what if this doesn’t work for me”? I’m an empath, so her emotions touched me. I said “if there’s a tiny part of you that believes in yourself and believes things can be different for you, and you are open to letting me guide you, this WILL work for you”. Thankfully she said yes and it was my privilege to see her blossom and step into who she was meant to be.

A: I would counter this statement with “can you afford not to do this right now”? Put another way, if you don’t do something different, you will stay stuck where you are. Consider the cost of staying stuck vs. being able to move forward and step into who you truly are. The benefits of doing this will impact all areas of your life.

A: The short answer is the more time you dedicate to the course, the better your results will be. I recommend setting aside 3 hours per week to dedicate to the course. Each week you will receive a 10-15 minute audio training that will include tasks and homework for you to apply immediately. There will also be assigned reading to support you in getting results. Every other week, we will have a one-hour live group coaching call. The majority of the recommended 3 hours per week centers around you applying the learning in your daily life.

A: If you could figure this out on your own, you would have already done it. As someone who has had to do this work for them self, I can honestly tell you that I could never have done it on my own. I didn’t even know it was possible to change how I felt about myself, accept myself for who I am, and build true self-confidence at the age of 40. Even if I had known those things, I certainly wouldn’t have known where or how to start. Everything I will teach and coach you on are things I have utilized myself.

I have invested in a number of programs myself, and I have experienced some where I only felt like a number; that my success wasn’t the main goal of the program. Due to those experiences, I am committed to no one ever feeling that way in my courses. While I cannot guarantee your success (that is up to you), I can promise that if you show up and do the work, you will achieve results. As I’ve said previously, all of the teaching and coaching I do are things I have done personally to get my own results and transformations.

A: I have participated in group coaching’s as well as one-on-one coaching and I offer both. What I could have never imagined about group coaching is the camaraderie that is formed. You will quickly realize that there are others who feel just as you do and there is power and magic in those connections. When I am coaching someone in the group, everyone else also learns and has take-aways that apply to their own lives. Going through a shared experience with other people provides a sense of empowerment that you wouldn’t experience on your own. I can’t say enough about the group experience and the ongoing bonds that are formed.

A: Like anything in life, there’s never a “right” time to do anything. It starts with a decision and commitment to try. If you’re not willing to invest in yourself-with both time and money-it won’t work. It’s a mindset & attitude that must be present at the start in order for real transformation to happen. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that life can change drastically in a moment. Putting things off only guarantees the things we want to achieve will happen later rather than sooner. NOW is the time! Your future self will thank you.

A: The great news about this program is that it’s applicable to any and all levels, no matter where you may be on your personal development journey. This program is unique in that I apply coaching techniques as well as psychology and neuroscience principles to help you understand why you feel the way you do about yourself and techniques to change them to more positive views.

NOW is the time!

If there’s even a tiny part of you that feels “I want something different” for my life, I urge you to enroll now.  Your future self with thank you!