Angela Irwin


I'm Angela

I am a wife, dog mom, multi-business owner, and serial globetrotter.

I love champagne (I live in France, after all!), palm trees, the ocean, belly laughs & Garth Brooks music (never fails to get me through my darkest days).

I’ve been repeatedly told I have a memorable laugh, am courageous & an eternal optimist.

I founded Joyful Life Solutions to support women through the process of uncovering their core confidence. I say “uncovering” because it’s in there, in each one of us, waiting to come out.

I take a stand for women to cast aside insecurities, doubts, and excuses and go after a life that will bring them more meaning and fulfillment. Be You! Be Bold! No Limits!

Step Into Who You Truly Are

How we feel about ourselves affects every aspect of our lives–our relationships, our job performance, our mood, our reactions and behaviors, our decision making ability, people pleasing, comparing yourself to others, the list goes on and on.

Yet, how we feel about ourselves is not something that is talked about. Even worse, most people have no idea it’s something that can be changed. We just accept “this is how it is”. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. We can change the way we feel about and view ourselves and build confidence in the process.

I know this because I have done it myself. And my goal is to help others do the same.
To be honest, I didn’t really realize that I could change how I felt about myself—my self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence. It wasn’t until I had a total crisis of confidence after doing a complete career change at 40, that I learned that we can absolutely not only change our self-image, confidence is like a muscle that can be built, if you know how.
Turns out, the beliefs (negative) that I had about myself weren’t even true. Yet, they were running the show.

The amount of time and energy you spend doubting yourself, laboring over decisions, and ultimately holding yourself back is exhausting, and you may not even realize you’re doing it.
You must reprogram those beliefs. Otherwise, you’ll just continue to carry them forward. In short, it keeps you from being the best version of yourself.

The good news is that confidence is a skill that you can learn. It’s like a muscle – the more you exercise it, the easier it becomes.

You hold the keys to unlocking your own self-confidence. And I can show you how. Nothing gives me more pleasure than witnessing someone blossoming and stepping into who they truly are.

My Core Values





Service to Others

I Can Help

I help women reprogram their self-esteem and self-acceptance to build lasting confidence. In simpler terms, I help women feel better about themselves.

When you’re more in tune with who you really are, you spend less time feeling stuck and bogged down by negative emotions. Whether you know it yet or not, those negative emotions are a heavy weight to carry and present themselves in your daily life.

How this plays out in your life:
• Indecision & doubting yourself
• Procrastination
• Holding yourself back/battling “imposter syndrome” (the ‘who am I to do that’? question/feeling)
• Being overly critical towards yourself
• Comparing yourself to others
• Moodiness
• Wasted time and energy (because ALL of the above equals wasted time & energy!)

Imagine feeling more assertive, more bold, less fear of getting out of your comfort zone.

Imagine the lightness, a weight being lifted off your shoulders when you can just be YOU.

I support women through a process of learn, unlearn, relearn. You will rediscover yourself in the process.  I suppose it’s not so much about ‘finding yourself’ as it is striping back all the crap & conditioning society has imposed on you and rediscovering and connecting with who you were in the first place. Once you do that, you can accept & embrace yourself and confidently share more of your unique gifts and talents.

Imagine waking up a few months from now totally excited about your day and your life. So excited you can’t wait to get out of bed and do your thing. Fear, doubt, and the status-quo will no longer be the starring characters of your life. You’ll feel more in control of your life, confident and have a plan for living out your most joyful life. Feeling more confident to pursue what you really want in life. Ridding yourself of wasted time feeling stuck & comparing yourself to others. Feeling more joyful, purpose-driven & satisfied.

I completely understand that change can be scary and difficult, but I believe it’s worth it. After all, we only get one chance at life. There are no “do-overs” or chances to go back, but you do have a chance (right now!) to create your next chapter.

As a Confidence Coach, my role is to help you achieve your goals and/or make changes in your life. I come alongside you and offer an objective, non-judgmental perspective to move you forward to a point of clarity and confidence. I provide guidance, support, accountability, structure, goals, tools, and a plan to achieve your best life.

I’ve helped other women do this (myself included!), and I can do the same for you


You’re not meant to be like anyone else!

Angela IrwinFrom young ages most of us have been fed societal conditioning to fit in and be like everyone else. After all the learning I have done, this idea really pisses me off.

It’s one of the most damaging, bullshit messages you could receive, particularly at a young age when your self-esteem is just being formed. You take these messages on as fact and carry it with you (unconsciously) throughout your life.
The result is decades spent contorting yourself to fit into some box that you were never supposed to be in. Comparing yourself to others—whose journeys you truly know little about–yet makes you feel small in comparison. This comparison perpetuates the false belief that you’re not good enough.

I’ve spoken with countless women-clients, friends, former co-workers, who, when I was vulnerable and opened up with them about my struggles, they opened up to me about similar feelings. Feelings of never fitting in or not feeling good enough. Feelings of being overly critical of themselves and being afraid to take risks. Afraid to show who they really are and what they’re capable of. I was stunned. I remember thinking to myself “this is a silent epidemic that no one is talking about”. I knew, in that moment, that I had to do something to change it.

Imagine the freedom and empowerment that comes with casting these ideas aside. That’s what I’m committed to helping you achieve!

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Professional Bio

Angela Irwin is an international Life & Confidence Coach, TEDx speaker, trainer, and the founder of Joyful Life Solutions which specializes in helping others overcome their negative self-beliefs in order to achieve their full confidence & potential.

Prior to this, Angela spent 15 years in the corporate medical device field, holding various positions in marketing, management, and clinical education in the U.S., Australia and Europe.

Angela supplements her training by drawing from her personal experiences, numerous challenges and transitions in her own life. Angela also infuses principles of psychology and neuroscience to support her clients in creating lasting changes in their lives.

In addition to her coaching training, Angela holds a B.S. degree in sociology & psychology, as well as an MBA.

Born in a small farm community in South Dakota, Angela has lived and traveled all over the world. She and her husband Colin have been living in France for the past 10 years.


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